Evans Pim, Joám; Yatsenko, Sergey A. and Perrin, Oliver T., (Eds.), 2010. Traditional Marking Systems: A Preliminary Survey. London & Dover: Dunkling Books, 518 pp, ISBN 978-0-9563478-1-7.

Authors: Gaybulla Babayarov, Catherine Baroin, Chandreyi Basu, Napil Bazylkhan, Sir John Boardman, Alexey V. Chernetsov, Jean-Pierre Digard, Joám Evans Pim, Murtazali S. Gadjiev, Imre Gráfik, Paul Harthoorn, Sinclair Hood, Caroline Humphrey, Jangar Ilyasov, Domenico Isabella, Étienne Landais, Osman Mert, Boris N. Morozov, Oliver Timken Perrin, Samat K. Samashev, Zainolla S. Samashev, Rem A. Simonov, Tuve Skånberg, Takashi Osawa, Mehmet Tezcan, Sergey A. Yatsenko and Anton C. Zeven.

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The creation of Re:marks, the journal of SIGNUM, builds on the success of Traditional Marking Systems: A Preliminary Survey (London, 2010), a collection of 26 essays by leading researchers in the field of mark studies that led to the creation of SIGNUM.

This first issue gathers a selection of the papers that were presented at the 1st SIGNUM International Conference on Mark Studies, held at the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm on October 18th & 19th, 2012. Articles explore the temporal depth and geographic breadth of the use of nonlinguistic marks, following the main conference themes.

Re:marks 1 (2013)
Edited by Joám Evans Pim & Oliver Timken Perrin
ISSN 2310-3795
161 pages

Free PDF download available for Signum members [Apply for membership].